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Carlos Colón
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Carlos has over 20 years of successful sales experience. He's spent the last decade in finance, insurance, real estate, and business consulting. Carlos is the author of "The Financial Fight," a book written to help folks understand and overcome the challenges of retirement. He holds insurance licenses for all major lines in Florida, Ohio, Texas, and South Carolina


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Walter Edmondson
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Manifest Destiny, a phrase coined in 1845, expressed the philosophy that drove 19th Century U.S. territorial expansion.  Manifest Destiny held that the United States was destined by God to expand its dominion and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire North American continent.  Our team was founded during the pandemic of 2020.  Today our team is helping to spread free enterprise and capitalism once again across America, and ultimately across the world and interplanetary space.

Carlos Rivera

Modern Wealth Management is a leading financial service agency catering to families and business owners. They provide personalized strategies and comprehensive solutions for clients' financial needs. Services offered include investment management, retirement planning, tax optimization, estate planning, and employee benefits for businesses. With a commitment to transparency and client-centricity, Modern Wealth Management leverages technology and industry expertise to deliver exceptional service. They are a trusted partner in helping clients achieve long-term financial success in today's dynamic landscape.

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Jarrett and Sierra Ballard

We are Jarrett and Sierra. We're a married entrepreneurial couple that focuses on building wealth together and teaching other couples how to work together in the same way – with the aim to provide them with the knowledge and resources  to successfully create generational wealth for their families. We're authors, public speakers, thought  leaders, and we host a podcast  where we discuss the things that we’re passionate about; financial freedom, positive thinking, and healthy relationships


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Mynor and Nivia Ramos, CEOs and Co-Founders of TOC Agency, have several years of experience in the insurance industry, with Mynor beginning in 2011 and Nivia joining him in 2017. They specialize in infinite and private banking, a couple of strategies that allow funds to grow through insurance products for wealth creation. Mynor has nearly 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, and is knowledgeable in many aspects of financial services. As fiduciary field underwriters, Mynor and Nivia are committed to giving their clients the best products based on their specific needs and treat everyone as a part of the family.

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Sergio A. Mesa
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Serg A. Mesa a.k.a. The Money Doctor The “Financial Facilitator” to families and corporations alike for over 26 years and counting. Serg has excelled in the Wall Street Brokerage firms, banking channels and insurance companies and uses that extensive set of skills and contacts to assist individuals just like you to live debt free, start-fund and run businesses in addition to protecting and developing income
for you now and in your retirement.

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Caleb Duron
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As a Vice-President of TKO, Rubiel leads his team named BBA (Bring Back America) in Chicago, IL.  BBA is committed and focused on providing no-nonsense simple life insurance solutions for Chicagoland area families and businesses.  He is customer focused and has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry with an emphasis on long-term relationship building.  At no cost, he will help you find an insurance plan that best suits your personal insurance needs and budget.   By educating you on all the options available, he will give you the power to compare and the freedom to choose.   Give Rubiel a call today; he looks forward to helping you.

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Joel Acosta
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My biggest Joy is helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams through financial planning.

I enjoy getting to know each family I work with - Understanding who they are and what want in their future.

Being an Insurance Broker with TKO provides me the ability to expand and grow my business while helping other agents do the same. 

As Christian and Family man, having a solid financial plan gives me comfort in knowing that my family will financially taken care of, if I was not around. Let me know show you how I can do the same thing fo you.


Let's Start planning for your future today!

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Nathaniel Brown

Nate Brown is the founder and CEO of Dominance Financial. He has a huge heart and is passionate about helping families to become successful & financially secure. He occasionally sponsors seminars in the community teaching financial literacy to families and children.

As a leader and trusted confidant to many, Nate is known for his integrity & his drive amongst other professionals in the industry. He currently helps coach agents in 3 different sectors.

Outside of business, Nate is a loving husband to his wife Tania and a proud father of his 3 beautiful daughters. He loves to be active, playing drums at his church, or seeing new sights with his family. Nate also likes to "throw down" on the grill and create memorable moments with everyone he encounters.

"Helping people...that's just what I do!"    - Nate Brown

Monique Baker

Monique Baker is a licensed life insurance broker and professional since 2021. Monique is licensed in multiple states across the US and has many clients across the United States. Monique loves the financial services industry as she is very passionate about helping people.


Monique understands the needs of the American family when it comes to planning for insurance needs, retirement planning, tax free savings, estate planning, e- commerce, credit reparation, and a list of other financial resources. Having helped multiple clients and running an agency within an FMO, Monique Baker understands the needs of the community of all walks of life and economic status. Her focus is on the mission of helping people improve their financial literacy, gain clarity of and reach their financial goals.

Roxane Padilla

Roxane Padilla has been providing insurance to people around the Chicagoland area since 2018. She has helped hundreds of clients understand and provide solutions for life insurance, retirement planning, tax free accumulation, and leveraging to help build a strong financial foundation. Roxane believes that putting her clients first and maintaining a high level of professionalism on their behalf is what makes clients eager to refer her to their family and friends. Roxane brings a high level of expertise to her clients and works diligently with them to find a plan that meets all of their concerns. Roxane's specialty lies in helping clients structure to support the future needs. Roxane is licensed in 13 states, to provider protection and solutions across the U.S. 


Roxane has been married for 10 years and has three children, a daughter and two sons.  She enjoys dancing and being with her family when she is not helping other families.  She is a graduate of Loyola University with a Bachelors in Healthcare Management and a Masters for the University of Arizona in Public Health.

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Vicente Orellana

Vicente Orellana; A.B.D. / M.B.A. is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in the real estate and the financial services industry. With 21 years of experience, Vicente has developed a strong expertise in the areas of generational wealth and final expenses.

Throughout his career, Vicente has successfully produced and demonstrated a deep understanding of financial markets, regulations, and industry trends, enabling him to provide valuable insights and solutions to clients.

Vicente has a proven track record of successfully managing portfolios, generating revenue growth and implementing effective risk management strategies. Vicente possesses strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to make informed decisions in complex financial environments.

In addition to his technical skills, Vicente is known for his  personal qualities and soft skills that contribute to success, such as strong communication skills, leadership abilities, and a client-centric approach. Vicente is adept at building and maintaining relationships, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and delivering exceptional results.

Vicente holds an A.B.D. (Doctorate) and two Master Degrees and has continually invested in his professional development to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Overall, Vicente is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the financial services sector, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to drive success in any financial organization or project.

Cedrick Harding & Loretta Freeman
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Cedrick Harding & Loretta Freeman


Legacy Smart Group (LSG) is a Veteran led organization founded by retired members of the U.S. Army. LSG's logo displays the image of an Elephant which Stands for Power, Loyalty, Intelligence, family and more. Our goal is to become an extended family member of a client and business owner.  This is established through 3 lenses and 1 vision displayed within symbols of our logo shown as far as Health, Life, Wealth & Partnership by creating Entrepreneurship opportunities. United with the Hope Alliance (UNITED), LSG will be amongst the New Breed of Agents Nationwide with "intellectual knowledge" that is unmatched through The Kaizen Organization.  There is no place like home where we help you, brand you! ~Cedrick





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