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Life and Disability Insurance

Learn about the differences between rented life insurance (Term Life Insurance) and bought life insurance (Permanent Life Insurance). These options come both with full underwriting and non-medical underwriting for all ages. We have riders such as living benefits that allow you to access the insurance money while you are alive due to medically triggered events, child riders to protect your children as well, and disability riders to pay your premiums while you are unable to work. 


Aside from life insurance we also offer Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance for both the employee and employers. All of our plans can be done for the individual and on a group benefits basis as well.

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Health Insurance

Learn about the difference between medical insurance and the different types there are(PPO, HMO, EPO, HSA, etc) to short term medical plans that cover extremely healthy people for a period of time that must be renewed once that period terminates. We also offer cancer, medical expenses, and accidental policies. 

Get a chance to select a plan that fits your needs and your budget while still participating in any government subsidies offered.


Retirement Planning

We offer an array of different options to meet your retirement goals. We can assist in growing your money income tax free, or helping you find deductions today.  Perhaps the funds are coming from new money or perhaps they are coming from a former employer's plan that needs to be rolled over. Either case, we got you. We can help design pension plans, to 401(k)s if you are an employer seeking to provide benefits to your employees, executive plans for the high end exec’s, or an individual plan for you alone.  

Come learn about the strategie that the wealth of America do and get a full financial consultation.

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Credit Repair

We have partnerships with credit repair agencies that will assist in removing derogatory items from credit report, access in working with our tradeline investors in leveraging their great credit to build yours, to helping you establish business credit and open lines of available credit.  Whether your goal is to buy a home, car, increase your credit line, or build business credit, we have the resources to meet your needs at your budget.



In today's technology times, we have provided assistance to many when it comes to creating E-commerce business investment opportunities.  We can assist our clientele in building an E-commerce business, collateralized by the products being sold and managed by our expert firms we have partnered up with.  If finding a non-traditional method of making money short term or long term without taking on market risk and still earning market life returns, our E-commerce platform is here to assist. Imagine owning your very own Amazon Store, Walmart Store, Ebay Store, etc and having it work on autopilot because our management team handles all the back office for you.

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